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Saturday, April 25, 2009

♥ more loots....

... haha.... a few things 2 update....very brief 1...

  1. ervin can walk liao!!!!!
  2. fall sick pass few days....
  3. mummy coming back le!!!!....
  4. receive uol package le....
  5. bank account running low again....
  6. changes going on in my life... hopefully is 4 e better :)

ma nt ard tis few days.... help 2 wash my own clothes, pray & prepare offerings & help sis look aft ervin.... miss ma so much... tt y tues me n sis taking leave 2 spend wif her :)

lolz.... 2day when shopping wif sis after work n buy a lot of things.... mostly on impluse.... later show ur some video on 1 cute stuff we bought... lolz....

damaged done this wk without ma ard.... estimated

  1. novels - $60
  2. cash book - S20
  3. teddy bear - $18
  4. slippers - $16
  5. pants - $40
  6. toys - $30
  7. makeup sponge - $15

zzzz.... still gt some more... cant rmb wat else i bought... lolz....

e video i mention abt.... showing stitch 1 only coz each gt 3 n will take ages 4 me 2 load ...

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11:10 pm

♥ theGrumpyToast ;

      theGrumpyToast is very grumpy. Beware, this toast bites.


      loves vs hates(:
      aNiMe & cOmicS: too many to list... LOLZ VS none so far...
      Foods : fRuiTs VS FISH!!!!
      iTeMs : sOfT toYs VS CROWDS
      aCtiVitIeS : sEe sTarS & uSe tElesCopes, liSteN mUsic, sUrf nEt, dO puZzlEs VS none?...

      wishlist! (:
      more money need a pay rise!!!! maybe a new job?
      moRe aNIme sTuFF!!!! it nv enough!!! sponsership?
      moRe overSea trIps!!! jApAn, USA, HK, AUSTRALIA!!!! sponsership?
      Graduate from UNI!!!! ASAP... zzz... difficult course....
      purple gold!!!! purple grace earrings!!!! i wan danggling,loop or ring type!!!
      new Wii Games!!!! anything tt is fun!!!! more wii remote maybe?
      shiseido maquillage makeup full set!!! Majolica majorca also can wallet hole becoming bigger...
      & e lIst go on & on.... LOLZ!!!!

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