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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

♥ updates

lots of things happen....
.... lazy 2 update....
.... brief 1...

stess stress stress
kbox service sux
poly gathering
enrolment talk
surprise party @ hard rock
fsm briefing
stress n more stress
cursing n swearing
new formation in room
mass spring cleaning
new storage area
shopping @ bugis
beancurd tarts
more stress

upcoming things....
preparing 4 sch
more stupid testings
going 4 short trip
waiting 4 loots 2 come

pic will post when i gt my loots

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9:12 pm

♥ theGrumpyToast ;

      theGrumpyToast is very grumpy. Beware, this toast bites.


      loves vs hates(:
      aNiMe & cOmicS: too many to list... LOLZ VS none so far...
      Foods : fRuiTs VS FISH!!!!
      iTeMs : sOfT toYs VS CROWDS
      aCtiVitIeS : sEe sTarS & uSe tElesCopes, liSteN mUsic, sUrf nEt, dO puZzlEs VS none?...

      wishlist! (:
      more money need a pay rise!!!! maybe a new job?
      moRe aNIme sTuFF!!!! it nv enough!!! sponsership?
      moRe overSea trIps!!! jApAn, USA, HK, AUSTRALIA!!!! sponsership?
      Graduate from UNI!!!! ASAP... zzz... difficult course....
      purple gold!!!! purple grace earrings!!!! i wan danggling,loop or ring type!!!
      new Wii Games!!!! anything tt is fun!!!! more wii remote maybe?
      shiseido maquillage makeup full set!!! Majolica majorca also can wallet hole becoming bigger...
      & e lIst go on & on.... LOLZ!!!!

♥ Thank you

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